Selection results for the calls of 2021

Following the calls launched on May 4th for:

  • Grant proposals for cultural actions;
  • Consultancy for the organisation of info-sessions and networking events;
  • Consultancy for capacity building;

the Swiss Cultural Fund has the pleasure to announce the successful applicants. All applications were carefully evaluated by a trilateral board representing SCF, SDC and independent expert. We take the opportunity to thank once again everyone who applied in our calls for 2021. We received a high number of quality applications and the decisions were not easy. The winning proposals are:

2021 Grant Calls

  1. Anila Balla – The Rape (Përdhunimi). Two completely opposite monologues in content, but with one thing in common: sexual discourse. As two thematic contradictions, they also come as a directorial and acting concept.
  2. Was Bleibt Kollektiv – Nostalgia. A colletion of filmed choreographic miniatures about memories, realities that are lost, or only found in the archives of the subconscious.
  3. Tirana Art Lab – Tirana Floating Archive. A digital platform documenting past and present artistic interventions in public space in Tirana from the 1990’s until today.
  4. Bulevard Team – Tie in. Tie-In is a program including: a video installation, music performances and talks about the music video in Albania from the 90’s till today.
  5. CFDVA.TRA. Promotion and film and digital documentation of Rrajca Dance, wedding rites, traditional Rrajca dress through the performance of young artists and cultural heritage experts. Enlivening the cultural life of the community as well as creating opportunities to generate income.
  6. Gerald Jaupi – City with no (ide)ntity. Illustration of the disintegration of the city identity through the medium of digital art
  7. Qendra Multimediale “Shteg” – Music trail (Shteg muzike). Development and promotion of contemporary musicians of the independent music scene, on the online platform
  8. Zeta – Mineral Policy. Four artists in the field of contemporary art will create and exhibit in Bulqiza and Tirana.There will also be a discussion panel.

Consultancy for the organisation of info-sessions and networking events

In merit of qualification and experience, the evaluation board selected Mr. Kristi Komino as consultant for the organisation of info-sessions and networking events.

Consultancy for capacity building

The evalation board did not select a consultant for capacity building in this call.