Previous projects

Phase 2 (2021 – Ongoing)

Përdhunë (Forcefully) – Implemented by Anila Balla

2021 Grants Call

Theatre play of two completely opposite monologues in content, but with one thing in common: sexual discourse.

Va.Tra (medley and tradition: Re-enactment and documentation of the Rrajca Dance)– Implemented by CFD

2021 Grants Call

Promotion and film and digital documentation of Rrajca Dance, wedding rites, traditional Rrajca dress through the performance of young artists and cultural heritage experts.

City with no (ide)ntity – Implemented by Gerald Jaupi

2021 Grants Call

Illustration of the disintegration of the city identity through the medium of digital art, designed as a workshop and event of young digital artists.

Each strike leads to the next – Implemented by Zeta Centre

2021 Grants Call

Four artists in the field of contemporary art worked in Bulqiza and exhibited in Tirana the reality of mining workers, through the medium of performance and documentary video.

Shteg Muzike (Music Trail) – Implemented by Qendra Multimediale Shteg

2021 Grants Call

Development and promotion of contemporary musicians of the independent music scene, on the online platform

Gjurmë (Tracks) – Implemented by Was Bleibt Kollektiv

2021 Grants Call

Video installation of filmed choreographic miniatures about memories, realities that are lost, or only found in the archives of the subconscious.

Tie-In – Implemented by Bulevard Arts and Media Institute

2021 Grants Call

Tie-In is a program including: a video installation, music performances and talks about the music video in Albania from the 90’s till today.

Tirana Floating Archive – Implemented by Tirana Art Lab

2021 Grants Call

A digital platform documenting past and present artistic interventions in public space in Tirana from the 1990’s until today.

Phase 1 (2017 – 2021)

Local Grants

Kruja si’Xhade – Implemented by RIAS

1st Local Grants Call

Description: A public installation of ethnographic rug patterns painted in cobblestone  in the old bazaar of Kruja.

Reenactment of the woodcarving tradition – Implemented by Eduard Karaj

1st Local Grants Call

Description: A three-month training for children and teenagers in Kruja on the techniques of traditional woodcarving.

A Circus Story – Implemented by Jonid Jorgji

1st Local Grants Call

Description: The first Albanian short film shot in 360º technology.

The wild animal – Implemented by Bazament

2nd Local Grants Call

Description: A performance and installation exhibition by Haveit Collective on the theme of domestic verbal abuse in rural Albanian households.

“9” – Implemented by Vitmar Basha

2nd Local Grants Call

Description: Production, recording and live performance of Vitmar Basha’s debut album.

Culture Hackathon –Implemented by Yunus 

3rd Local Grants Call

Description: Hackathon for teenagers and young students on creative crafts entrepreneurship.

Wait – Implemented by Rosella Pellicciotti

4th Local Grants Call

Description: Contemporary dance performance on the theme of waiting.

The Albanian House – Implemented by Jora Kasapi

4th Local Grants Call

Description: Documentation and mapping of the architectural cultural heritage in vernacular houses of Albania, published on an open-source web platform.

Sound of a book – Implemented by Orbis

4th Local Grants Call

Description: Audiobook production of At Zef Pllumi’s auto-biographical account “Leave only to tell”.

How we lost Lura – Implemented by Ajet Rira

4th Local Grants Call

Description: Photography project and exhibition by Ajet Rira on the subject of deforestation and environmental damage in the national park of Lura.

Squeezing life – Implemented by Lediona Kasapi

4th Local Grants Call

Description: Non-narrative short documentary that presents an old man and a group of children in Berat and Vuno in their relation with the olive tree.

Bulza music production workshop – Implemented by Herta Basha & Bojken Lako

5th Local Grants Call

Description: A workshop about studio recording and production practices for twelve young vocalists, instrumentists and producers.

Arapët e Polenës – Implemented by Dr. Jonida Çunga

6th Local Grants Call

Description: Research project, mask production and publication on the ancient tradition of “Arapët e Polenës”.

Youth Free Zone – Implemented by Arbi Allushi

6th Local Grants Call

Description: Mockumentary short, sarcastic poster exhibition and debate event on the state of democracy in Albania

Shkumbro – Implemented by Binanti Kuko

6th Local Grants Call

Description: Public installation representing the scale of plastic waste discharge in the river Shkumbin.

Vices of Communism – Implemented by Nerajda Cukali and Koloreto Cukali

6th Local Grants Call

Description: Documentary film on on the theme of vice-related illegal activity during communism in Albania.

Gjirokastra360º – Implemented by Sektra

Grant Call for the Production of Virtual Tours of Cultural Heritage Sites

Description: 360º virtual tour of the castle of Gjirokastër.

Regional Grants

Togetherness – Implemented by Galeria Kalo

1st Regional Grants Call

Description: Art residency program with artists Adela Jusic, Hana Potera, Kristina Bozurska, Qendrim Hoxhaj, Ana Ivranska, Ervin Berxolli, Sonja Radakovic and Ivan Velimirovic.

Resistance – Implemented by Zeta Gallery

2nd Regional Grants Call

Description: Art residency program with artists Lori Lako, Fatlum Doçi, Edona Kryeziu, Nina Galiç, Darko Vukiç, Nikola Slavenski and Natasha Nedelkova.

Music beyond all borders – Implemented by Code Partners

3rd Regional Grants CallDescription: Art residency program with artists Lori Lako, Fatlum Doçi, Edona Kryeziu, Nina Galiç, Darko Vukiç, Nikola Slavenski and Natasha Nedelkova.