Previous projects

Kruja si’Xhade – Implemented by RIAS

1st Local Grants Call

Description: A public installation of ethnographic rug patterns painted in cobblestone  in the old bazaar of Kruja.

Reenactment of the woodcarving tradition – Implemented by Eduard Karaj

1st Local Grants Call

Description: A three-month training for children and teenagers in Kruja on the techniques of traditional woodcarving.

A Circus Story – Implemented by Jonid Jorgji

1st Local Grants Call

Description: The first Albanian short film shot in 360º technology.

The wild animal – Implemented by Bazament

2nd Local Grants Call

Description: A performance and installation exhibition by Haveit Collective on the theme of domestic verbal abuse in rural Albanian households.

“9” – Implemented by Vitmar Basha

2nd Local Grants Call

Description: Production, recording and live performance of Vitmar Basha’s debut album.

Culture Hackathon –Implemented by Yunus 

3rd Local Grants Call

Description: Hackathon for teenagers and young students on creative crafts entrepreneurship.

Wait – Implemented by Rosella Pellicciotti

4th Local Grants Call

Description: Contemporary dance performance on the theme of waiting.

The Albanian House – Implemented by Jora Kasapi

4th Local Grants Call

Description: Documentation and mapping of the architectural cultural heritage in vernacular houses of Albania, published on an open-source web platform.

Sound of a book – Implemented by Orbis

4th Local Grants Call

Description: Audiobook production of At Zef Pllumi’s auto-biographical account “Leave only to tell”.

How we lost Lura – Implemented by Ajet Rira

4th Local Grants Call

Description: Photography project and exhibition by Ajet Rira on the subject of deforestation and environmental damage in the national park of Lura.

Squeezing life – Implemented by Lediona Kasapi

4th Local Grants Call

Description: Non-narrative short documentary that presents an old man and a group of children in Berat and Vuno in their relation with the olive tree.

Bulza music production workshop – Implemented by Herta Basha & Bojken Lako

5th Local Grants Call

Description: A workshop about studio recording and production practices for twelve young vocalists, instrumentists and producers.

Arapët e Polenës – Implemented by Dr. Jonida Çunga

6th Local Grants Call

Description: Research project, mask production and publication on the ancient tradition of “Arapët e Polenës”.

Youth Free Zone – Implemented by Arbi Allushi

6th Local Grants Call

Description: Mockumentary short, sarcastic poster exhibition and debate event on the state of democracy in Albania

Shkumbro – Implemented by Binanti Kuko

6th Local Grants Call

Description: Public installation representing the scale of plastic waste discharge in the river Shkumbin.

Vices of Communism – Implemented by Nerajda Cukali and Koloreto Cukali

6th Local Grants Call

Description: Documentary film on on the theme of vice-related illegal activity during communism in Albania.

Gjirokastra360º – Implemented by Sektra

Grant Call for the Production of Virtual Tours of Cultural Heritage Sites

Description: 360º virtual tour of the castle of Gjirokastër.

Togetherness – Implemented by Galeria Kalo

1st Regional Grants Call

Description: Art residency program with artists Adela Jusic, Hana Potera, Kristina Bozurska, Qendrim Hoxhaj, Ana Ivranska, Ervin Berxolli, Sonja Radakovic and Ivan Velimirovic.

Resistance – Implemented by Zeta Gallery

2nd Regional Grants Call

Description: Art residency program with artists Lori Lako, Fatlum Doçi, Edona Kryeziu, Nina Galiç, Darko Vukiç, Nikola Slavenski and Natasha Nedelkova.

Music beyond all borders – Implemented by Code Partners

3rd Regional Grants CallDescription: Art residency program with artists Lori Lako, Fatlum Doçi, Edona Kryeziu, Nina Galiç, Darko Vukiç, Nikola Slavenski and Natasha Nedelkova.