Grant Mechanism

The Swiss Cultural Fund (SCFA) operates exclusively on a call-based grant mechanism. This means that the only project proposals who are eligible for financial support are those who are submitted during the time a call is open and fulfil the eligibility criteria specified in the calls application guidelines. 

The grant mechanism comprises of the following steps: 

Call design

SCFA in collaboration with Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC designs topic-oriented calls, based on community feedback.

Application guidelines

SCFA creates comprehensible guidelines for project submission, based on successful practices and experience from the past.

Call launch

Upon approval by the SDC, SCFA launches the open call for applications on the official website. Application materials are immediately available for download. Followers are notified on social media


While a call is open, potential applicants are given a timeframe to submit questions regarding the application process. Answers are published collectively after the deadline for questions is met.

Call Closing

Applications are no longer accepted after a call is closed.


The evaluation and selection process is carried out carefully based on administrative and technical criteria, by a trilateral board that represents SCFA, SDC and external independent experts.

Contract and Implementation

Selected proposals are notified by email and published on the SCFA website and social media channels. Contracts are signed with grantees and project implementation begins.

Public event

Every SCFA project must be available to the public audience at least in one pre-arranged date. Public event typology varies by project genres and external circumstances, such as the Covid 19 pandemic.


Grantees must report narratively and financially to SCFA by the time the project’s cycle is closed.