Facts and Figures

First phase

The  Swiss Cultural Fund (SCFA) received more than 200 applications and supported 20 projects between 2017 and 2020.

3 of the 20 grants were provided to regional projects with a scope in residency programs for artists from Balkan countries. While the rest was provided to smaller local projects. The grant program supported both individuals and organisations in a ratio of 11:9.
SCFA created equal access opportunities for women and men. Exactly half of the projects supported during the first phase were lead by women.

One third of the projects supported during the first phase were based in locations outside of Tirana.
SCFA supported projects in the fields of music, cultural heritage, film and documentary, visual arts, public art, performance, photography, literature, etc.
The external review and expert opinion on the effectiveness, accomplished last fall, evaluated the Swiss Cultural Fund during the first phase as a very well performing project.

Second phase

The second phase started on January 2021 is planned to last until 31 December 2023. Throughout this time, the budget for support is 15% higher, compared to that of the first phase.

By exclusively focusing on local projects, support for artists and cultural organizations is now 50% higher.

With a higher budget, the Swiss Cultural Fund aims to provide at least 25 grants (compared to 20 during the first phase) and provide capacity building for at least 240 artists (compared to 200 during the first phase)