Selection results for the calls of 2022

Following the calls launched on April 25th for:

  • Grant proposals for cultural actions;
  • Consultancy for capacity building;

the Swiss Cultural Fund has the pleasure to announce the successful applicants. All applications were carefully evaluated by a trilateral board representing SCF, SDC and independent expert. We take the opportunity to thank once again everyone who applied in our calls for 2022. We received a high number of quality applications and the decisions were not easy. The winning proposals are:

2022 Grant Calls

  1. Elsa Demo – When the lights are off

Cycle of writings in the genres of analysis, critique (review) and essays on cultural and artistic events in Tirana and in those cities where events take place.

2. Bes Bitraku – On how to become a man, a feminist view

An original theatre play that deals with a severe social issue, that of being raised with the traditional concepts of masculinity in pheripherical Albania. The play will treat boyhood as opposed to the misogyny, tradition and partiarcalism.

3. Olsi Hoxha – Occasional photos

“Occasional photos” is a community driven analogue photography project that aims at a contemporary photographic publication, through the inclusion of new talents from youth and marginalised communities. The work will be produced by the talents under the guidance of expert Jochen Rohnen.

4. Robert Bisha – On the road, piano solo

The “On the Road” piano solo concert tour by Robert Bisha arises from the desire to decentralize artistic adventures from the capital to the almost unnoticed villages in Malesi, Zadrime and Mirdita. A Piano on a van is introduced to village children but also to adults.

5. Klaudia Piroli – without a voice

“Without a voice” by Amy Nostbakken and Norah Sadava, directed by Klaudia Piroli aims to make theater as accessible as possible to the marginalized and to raise awareness in remote communities about women’s rights.

6. Mardit Lleshi – Saggio

A concert tour aimed at promoting the authentic creativity of contemporary music. Based on the title of the work “Saggio” (used in classical music for scholastic purposes) the authors aim to treat the concept from its opposite point of view, going beyond traditional contours of music.

7. Sabian Hasani – Cultural Heritage in Albania through my lens

A photographic series of various cultural heritage sites to promote the value and exploration of cultural heritage in Albania amongst locals

8. Trio Reve – Romantics of Albanian Classical Music

Trio Rêve will organise four concerts under the title “Romantics of Albanian Classical Music”, promoting authentic Albanian music arranged for classical trios and offered in public places for a wider and comprehensive approach.

Consultancy for capacity building

In merit of budget efficiency, qualification, proposal quality and clarity, the evaluation board selected SEKTRA as consultant on capacity building .