6th Local Call & 3rd Regional Call – Grantees

Following the sixth call for local grants and the third call for regional grants of the Swiss Cultural Fund in Albania, we hereby announce the projects selected for funding.

We take the opportunity to thank every applicant for their time, energy, commitment and interest! We welcome and encourage each of you to apply in our future calls.

6th Local Grants Call

Applicant: Arbi Allushi

Project: Youth Free Zone

Theme: Challenging the Status Quo

Duration of Implementation : 45 days

Applicant: Bianti Kuko

Project: Earth Gap

Theme: Environment on focus

Duration of Implementation : 62 days

Applicant: Jonida Sela

Project: Arapët e Polenës

Theme: Cultural heritage

Duration of Implementation : 50 days

Applicant: Neraida Cukali

Project: Vices of Communism

Theme: Stories from the collective memory

Duration of Implementation : 105 days

3rd Regional Call: Art Residency Program

Individual/Organization: Code Partners

Project:Music beyond all borders – new narratives for a melodious Balkan

Grant: Regional grant for the design and implementation of an art-residency program

Duration of Implementation : 120 Days